Fat Tuesday. A day dedicated to being a glutton. What could be better?

Um, not much else.

In honor of this day of outrageous, pre-Lenten debauchery I inched out of my comfort zone and prepared a traditional French Quarter treat: beignets.

Why was this outside my comfort zone? Well, I don’t do much deep frying as a rule, and what little frying I’ve done has been with vegetables and chicken. You know, stuff that’s normally healthy. Fried dough was really not far behind, I suppose.

Boy oh boy was I happy with these. My guinea pig, aka Rob, was thrilled to bits that I kept forcing him to test them out. I quote: “How often do you shove doughnuts at me and tell me to eat them?”

This recipe is a modified version of Paula Deen’s – because I’d use anyone else’s recipe when it comes to fried food. Puh-lease.

See how puffy and light they are? Scrumptious.  And yes, it was I who took a bite in order to give you a cross-sectional view of the finished product.  I’m all about bringing my beautiful readers into the kitchen with me.

I just give and give to you guys, don’t I?

Now make up some beignets – or just go eat a lot of doughnuts without guilt! – and enjoy the heck out of your Fat Tuesday.  I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

Have you ever eaten beignets? Do you think this is something you’d like to try yourself? How do you celebrate Fat Tuesday?


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