More Than a Headline

She was more than a headline.

I remember her giving me a pageboy haircut in my kitchen. And the time she painted my face and hands green for Halloween, the year I was a witch, then added the finishing touch of a wart on my nose.

I remember the night she tried to teach me how to dance at a block party. The way she always put too much salt on her French fries. And whenever I’m near someone who carries the smell of cigarette smoke on their clothing, I think of her.

Feeling Funky

I’d write more tonight but I’m in a very low mood. I’ve had a headache for a few days and am just generally feeling lousy.

What do you do to break yourself out of a funk?

Stuffed, Empty Cabinets (It’s Possible)

Yesterday I told you about my issue with far, far too many Christmas decorations.

Today I share another matter: My overstuffed drawers and closets and cabinets and everything else.

I swear to God this isn’t my fault. Rob rubbed off on me over time. I used to be soulless when it came to throwing things away. If it didn’t have a use, it was tossed out. End of story.

And then I met and married the third worst pack rat I’ve ever known. The second worst would happen to be his father. Not a coincidence, my friends.

January Project: De-cluttering Christmas

A little fact about me: I’m a Christmas addict.

I live for Christmas. I look forward to it all year long. If I were a cat and Christmas was a big soft blankie I would roll around in it 24/7.

How much do I love Christmas? I have a full-sized Christmas tree in every room downstairs. I also have a small one on my powder room counter. With lights and ornaments.

My Starting Weight…Yikes!


That was the number I saw on the scale on Friday morning.

My heart sank. 265??? I thought I left the 260’s behind a long, long time ago.

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s that time of year, my friends. Time to cook and eat and party!

Here are some of the recipes I’ll be digging back into this year. What’s your favorite?

Things I Can’t Say

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Do you worry that other people will “find you out”?

Do you battle your inner critic…the way I do?

If this sounds anything like you, you’ll want to visit my friend Shell’s blog today, where I’m sharing my personal story of how my inner critic still rears her ugly head from time to time.

Honor Yourself With Me!

Lately I’ve been busy. Like, super busy.

And you know that I’ve been on the self-love train for a while now, too. You’ve been with me as I talked about issues such as fat hate, honoring dreams, asking for help and living your life with intention.

Just posting once a week on these topics wasn’t enough for me, though. I wanted another platform where I could help other women get through the sort of issues I’ve spent years struggling with.

My Shaklee180 Before Pictures

I’ve been putting this off. As much as it really, seriously doesn’t bother me to tell the truth about my weight and measurements, especially in light of the fact that I’m working to change things for better…I still have to take a deep breath prior to posting these “before” photos.