Bacon Braised Chicken

Sometimes I feel the urge.

The urge to eat chicken.

And not always fried and smothered in buffalo sauce, or shredded…and smothered in buffalo sauce.

I think I need to look into my buffalo sauce addiction.

But anyway.  Woman does not live on buffalo sauce alone, try though she might.  And I’ve tried.  Still, there are times when a good ol’ braised chicken dish hits the spot.  And this dish? Oh, it hit all sorts of spots.

I sorta made it up as I went along, to be honest.  I put a bunch of stuff in the pot which I thought would taste good together.

And you know what? It did.

First, I browned up some bacon pieces.  I just hold them over the pot and snip them with kitchen shears rather than use a knife.

While the bacon was slowly browning, I patted the chicken pieces as dry as possible so as to let the skin crisp up.

Removed the bacon, then added butter and once it melted, in went the chicken pieces in two batches.  I left them in til the skin got nice and crispy and golden.

Yes.  Beauty.

When the chicken was all browned and out of the pan, in went the garlic and onions.  Stir stir stir, sizzle sizzle sizzle.

A little flour sprinkled over, stirred into the fat and browned so as to thicken the cooking liquid.  What’s this called? That’s right, a roux! You’re so smart.

In goes the wine and the stock or broth.  Allow it to simmer and thicken a little bit, then in with the chicken and fresh herbs.

All together it simmers for hours. You will practically crawl out of your skin wanting to dig into it because ohmygoditsmellssogood.  I promise.

Once the chicken was finished cooking, I wanted to thicken up the sauce before adding the – gulp – cream, so I removed the chicken and boiled the sauce for around 10 minutes until it reduced to the consistency I wanted.  Then in went the cream and the chicken, to keep warm til it was time to serve.

And once it’s time to serve? Well, remember that bacon you crisped up waaaay back in the beginning of the process? You know, the bacon you had to move up on top of the fridge in order to get it out of your sight so you wouldn’t eat it all?

Oh, is that just me? Okay.  Well, anyway, you can sprinkle that back on top.

The chicken is so tender, and infused with the bacon and wine and herbs.  The sauce? Probably a crime, it’s so good.

So enjoy.  And enjoy some more.  And pick at the leftovers on the serving platter because they are just.that.good.

Or is that just me, too?


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You are so, so smart for seeing the wisdom of this combination. Messiest sandwich I’ve ever eaten = grilled chicken, bacon and cheez wiz. Yeah. It was a mess. But dang was it good.


It’s a hard, hard addiction to face. Just tonight I was jonesing for some buffalo chicken love. I swear it’s a sickness.


I am making this recipe!!! Looks delicious and easy! One question, do you think I can cook it in the oven once I’ve made the roux and added the chicken back to the pot? Thanks for sharing!


Hi Jen,
This is a wonderful mouth watering recipe! I can’t wait to make it. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you are having a great week!
Come Back Soon,
Miz Helen


Oh my, this looks amazing! I have got to try this myself–I think it would be a hit at my house! I am so glad you shared this @ Show & Share! Thanks so much!


Are you kidding me?! I was ready to take a bite out of the computer screen! It looks and sounds delicious! Definately going to try this! Thank you so much for linking to It’s a Party! I can’t wait to see what you cook for us this week!


Ooh, I love all things bacon! We’re in temp housing for a few weeks and this could be a yummy slow cooker meal!

Thanks for linking up with Momtrends this week!

~Shannon, Food Channel Editor,


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