Honor Yourself With Me!


Lately I’ve been busy. Like, super busy.

And you know that I’ve been on the self-love train for a while now, too. You’ve been with me as I talked about issues such as fat hate, honoring dreams, asking for help and living your life with intention.

Just posting once a week on these topics wasn’t enough for me, though. I wanted another platform where I could help other women get through the sort of issues I’ve spent years struggling with. Food addiction. Low self-esteem as a result of self-loathing. And the idea that once life improved – once I lost weight, found love, whatever – I would start treating myself better.

I’ve since realized that treating myself better has to come first. Getting the picture in my mind of who it is I want to be, how I want to feel and what I want my life to look like, then acting according to that vision.

That’s when things start to make sense. That’s when they start rocking and rolling.

And I want more than anything to help other women realize that, see their worth and work their way out of whatever is holding them back.

So I officially introduce to you my new endeavor: Honor Yourself Now.

Check out the About section – if my story sounds similar to yours, maybe you should stick around! Sign up to be part of the community so you can get weekly updates on blog posts, not to mention information about programs I’m launching.

For example, I have an amazing group of women going through my first 30 Day Bootcamp, which I’m working on refining and developing into a self-study ebook and workbook. I’m also outlining a few more ideas on materials, free offerings and other programs which mean the world to me, and which I hope benefit other people.

Once they’re available I’ll be announcing to my email pals, so siiiign up!

Oh, and if you sign up for weekly emails you’ll get download instructions for my free ebook, The Honor Yourself Now Handbook: Five Simple Steps To A Life You Love. I mean, that alone is worth the sign-up (if you ask me, anyway).

And what about this beautiful blog, you ask? Is it going away?


In fact, I want to devote this blog to healthy recipes. You know, the kind of stuff that helps people feel more radiant, healthy, energetic…all that crazy goodness.

Will I abandon desserts and pasta, though? Um, no. I hope my last meal is comprised of pasta and chocolate, actually. Or sushi. But that’s beside the point.

I really hope you come on this journey with me. I’m so excited to be able to reach out to other women who need a little love and inspiration.

Tell me: Have you ever faced issues when it comes to making yourself a priority? What’s been holding you back?


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