Things I Can’t Say


Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Do you worry that other people will “find you out”?

Do you battle your inner critic…the way I do?

If this sounds anything like you, you’ll want to visit Things I Can’t Say today, where the lovely Shell is allowing me to share my personal story of how my inner critic still rears her ugly head from time to time. Which is unfortunate when you’re trying to build a business centered around helping other women silence their inner critic.

Unfortunate, I say.

So come see me over at Shell’s, and don’t forget to leave a comment about your own experiences with treating yourself harshly. After all, when we open up with each other, we realize that we’re not so different.

Also? Have a great weekend!

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Wonderful post! I love what you are doing – keep it up, and don’t listen to that mean voice. Because it’s wrong, wrong, wrong!


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