My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s that time of year again, peeps! Time to cook, time to eat, time to par-tay!

I’ll always remember how much we laughed that night…

It’s been three years since I’ve hosted my own Thanksgiving feast. I’m so glad things worked out the way they did that year – it was easily the best Thanksgiving of my life, and one which I’ll look back on fondly forever.

Herbed butter under the skin makes all the difference!

That was then and this is now. And I’m breaking out the same tried-and-true recipes from that year because, well, they work and they’re delicious and awesome.

What are they, you ask? Let me show you…

That’s right, baby. Do your thing.

Well first there’s the stuffing…or in this case, the dressing, since I don’t actually stuff the turkey with it. I can’t take total credit for this recipe, though. My old roommate taught me his mom’s method years ago and I’ve been playing around with it ever since. According to the post from a few years back, this recipe is the best it ever got. So clearly that will be happening this week.

It’s as far removed from actual sweet potatoes as you can get, really.

Oh, sweet potato casserole. I first made this years ago for my Dad, to be enjoyed during our traditional post-Thanksgiving feast (where we’d pretty much eat all the same foods from Thanksgiving only, like, a week later). He went so crazy over it that I made it for Christmas. And Easter. And eventually it fell into the holiday rotation and I don’t think I could ever get away with not making it now. Even Rob loves this, and he hates sweet potatoes. Probably because it’s more like sweet potato pudding.

Oh, cheese. You make everything better. Never leave me.

I’m actually on the fence as to whether I’ll be making creamed spinach. I absolutely adore it in a big, big way (and I really love eating the leftovers over pasta…mmmm…) but sometimes you have to face up to time limitations. And, frankly, the amount of room on your dining room table. And on your plate. And in your stomach.

I actually announced upon first bite that I wanted to marry this pie.

If I can convince my brother to stop by for dessert, I’ll make this pecan pie. Otherwise I’d probably be the only person eating it and while that’s not such a bad idea on the surface…we all know it’s a really, really bad idea. I’ve considered making mini pies and freezing the leftovers to be enjoyed throughout the season. That’s how committed I am to this ridiculously incredible pie.

A lot of things have changed a lot in the past few years but one thing hasn’t: My sense of gratitude for my family and the abundant blessings that I’m constantly afforded. This is truly the time of year I live for and I’m so happy that it’s finally here!

What are your go-to Thanksgiving recipes?

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