January Project: De-cluttering Christmas

A little fact about me: I’m a Christmas addict.

I live for Christmas. I look forward to it all year long. If I were a cat and Christmas was a big soft blankie I would roll around in it 24/7.

How much do I love Christmas? I have a full-sized Christmas tree in every room downstairs. I also have a small one on my powder room counter. With lights and ornaments.

Lit wreaths. Garlands covered in silk poinsettias, ornaments and glittered picks. A lit village under the main tree in the living room. Ribbon wherever I can stick it.

Getting the decorations out of the attic every year is a major production. I can’t even carry them down the stairs anymore, in their boxes and plastic totes, so my brother and sister have helped out the past two years as a way to work off some of Thanksgiving dinner.

Just *some* of the total haul. There's more off to the right which didn't fit in the photo!

Just *some* of the total haul. There’s more off to the right which didn’t fit in the photo!

But here’s the thing: There’s so much that doesn’t even get used. Bits of garland, scraps of ribbon, old cookie tins, scratched ornaments or ones with bits of their glitter rubbed off. Extra strings of lights. That sort of thing.

And as much as it kills – KILLS! – me, since one of my goals this year is to ruthlessly de-clutter my home AND another goal is to tackle one home-related project every month, this month’s project will involved finally paring down my collection of Christmas goodness. Anything I didn’t put up this year – unless I truly just ran out of time or something got put away before I had a chance to use it – is going to be tossed out.

Kills me. But it has to be done. Seeing all that extra stuff after spending a week decorating (because, yes, that’s how long it takes me – at least!) is nothing but overwhelming. It takes the joy out of the process in a big way.

So as I un-decorate this week and start pulling totes and boxes out to refill them, I’ll be taking a long hard look at my collection and parting with what I no longer need.

The tree in my den...and my comfy fuzzy Christmas socks, of course.

The tree in my den…and my comfy fuzzy Christmas socks, of course.

Do you go as crazy as I do during the holidays? Or are you a minimalist?

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LOVE Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. My Nana always went all out (gift & decoration-wise) and it rubbed off on me. I only have 4 totes worth of stuff (plus the tree), but I always love to go shopping right after Christmas to get new ornaments & such half-off, so my collection continues to grow! But I do have a lot of stuff that doesn’t get put out anymore…like I used to keep a collection of stuffed Christmas plushes under the tree, but then we got a dog & he thought they were for him… 🙂 so they’re in a SpaceBag until we have a house where they can still get displayed without him eating them.


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