Stuffed, Empty Cabinets (It’s Possible)

Yesterday I told you about my issue with far, far too many Christmas decorations.

Today I share another matter: My overstuffed drawers and closets and cabinets and everything else.

I swear to God this isn’t my fault. Rob rubbed off on me over time. I used to be soulless when it came to throwing things away. If it didn’t have a use, it was tossed out. End of story.

And then I met and married the third worst pack rat I’ve ever known. The second worst would happen to be his father. Not a coincidence, my friends.

Not only is he a pack rat but he also refuses to throw boxes and such away when they’re empty. Lemme tell ya a little story.

The first time I ever slept over at his apartment, he had to work the following morning. I woke up and wandered into the kitchen to find something to eat. I opened the cabinets and was pleased to see cereal boxes and other various types of food. The cabinet was full. What abundance.


Every. box. was. empty. Everysingleboxwasempty.

It was like a cruel joke. I took out box after empty box. There was no food, anywhere. I was still totally unfamiliar with the area and had no idea where to find anything. Luckily, it was a Saturday and he was only working a half day and clearly I didn’t starve to death or else I wouldn’t be typing this post.

I’d like to say that I have broken him of this unfortunate habit, but he’s not a dog and I can’t talk about him like he needs to be trained. Plus the habit isn’t broken anyway. I mean it’s better – entire cabinets aren’t full of empty boxes anymore.

But don’t assume that just because there’s a boxed marked Benadryl in the medicine cabinet that there’s actually any Benadryl in the house. There’s a chance you’ll be disappointed and Benadryl-less.

This habit has rubbed off on me, but not to the same degree. I just have way too much junk. A drawer in the powder room that barely closes. A kitchen cabinet that I must slooooowly open in case a measuring cup comes flying out at my head. That sort of thing.


So this is another bit of de-cluttering that I’ll be working on this year. I need to purge, big time. Old makeup, expired crap in the fridge and pantry,

(Rob found a bottle of salad dressing in there that expired a year ago)

(the hard way, after he’d already put it on his salad)

(don’t judge me)

stuff like that. One thing at a time and before long I know I’ll feel more free.

Because nobody wants the salad with year-old dressing on it.

Do you find that you need to do a purge every once in a while? What are you most likely to accumulate?


My bathroom, definitely. So many people love to give out lotion, body wash, body spray, candles, for “filler” Christmas gifts in my family….plus I have a cousin who works for Unilever so my mom buys a bunch of “off-runs” from their internal store on the cheap & uses them as stocking stuffers…so my bathroom cabinets are always overflowing after Christmas. Right after Christmas I try to do a purge–throw away old makeup, donate products that are unopened that I’m not likely to use, etc.


Oh yes…yes…yes! I am definitely overdue for a purge in this house. First place to start is my filing cabinet. It’s getting so crowded that it is becoming difficult to put newer, more pertinent info in there. Time to put the shredder and scanner to work. I just don’t want to get rid of anything “I might” need. LOL. (Uh oh, that’s the inner pack rat in me talking.)


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