About Mrs. B

Hi all!

My name is Jen, aka Mrs. Jen B.  I’ve been blogging since March 2009.  I started in an attempt to get my crazy misadventures down on “paper”.

Over time, though, as I got more involved in the blogging world my outlook changed.  I still wanted a place to tell my story, but the discovery of food, home & garden, decorating and craft blogs opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Blogging was no longer a way to put my life down for others to see – it was a way to learn from others and to have a dialog with them.

This blog focuses mostly on my writing and my cooking, and I hope in time to be able to flex my creative muscles in new ways and grow this blog in every possible direction via crafts, home and garden, organizational tips – the sky’s the limit!

The one greatest thing blogging has afforded me is the friendships I’ve gained.  I hope to be able to forge even more incredible relationships as time goes on.  If you think you may be a good candidate for friendship, here’s what you need to know about me:

  • I’m in my early 30’s.  No children (yet).
  • I get free tech support because I married my tech support guy.  Okay, I married him first, then started blogging.  But it’s working out pretty well.
  • I work in an office during the day.
  • I dance in my chair far too frequently and far too enthusiastically.
  • Old-timey is my thing – old movies, music, styles.
  • Every time I see a commercial asking people if they’ve fallen in the past 12 months because if so they may qualify for a power chair, I remind myself that tripping over one’s own feet doesn’t count.
  • I love to read…and not just blogs.
  • I use far too many emoticons for my own good.

So pull up a chair, get comfy and take a look around.  Drop me a line via the Contact Page and let me know you were here – I’d love to meet you!