Feeling Funky

I’d write more tonight but I’m in a very low mood. I’ve had a headache for a few days and am just generally feeling lousy.

What do you do to break yourself out of a funk?

Stuffed, Empty Cabinets (It’s Possible)

Yesterday I told you about my issue with far, far too many Christmas decorations.

Today I share another matter: My overstuffed drawers and closets and cabinets and everything else.

I swear to God this isn’t my fault. Rob rubbed off on me over time. I used to be soulless when it came to throwing things away. If it didn’t have a use, it was tossed out. End of story.

And then I met and married the third worst pack rat I’ve ever known. The second worst would happen to be his father. Not a coincidence, my friends.

January Project: De-cluttering Christmas

A little fact about me: I’m a Christmas addict.

I live for Christmas. I look forward to it all year long. If I were a cat and Christmas was a big soft blankie I would roll around in it 24/7.

How much do I love Christmas? I have a full-sized Christmas tree in every room downstairs. I also have a small one on my powder room counter. With lights and ornaments.

My Starting Weight…Yikes!


That was the number I saw on the scale on Friday morning.

My heart sank. 265??? I thought I left the 260’s behind a long, long time ago.