The Beauty of Being Ourselves

Some fun facts about me, in no particular order:

I have scars up and down both shins which I earned when I fell down my parents’ back steps. Twice.

I have sprained my wrists more times than I can count, after falling while trying to roller skate. Eventually I gave up on the rollerskating thing. It was for the best.

I like to cook. In related news, I have scars all over my hands and wrists from burns and cuts. My favorite are the two on my knuckles from where they touched the oven rack.

I have rolled my ankle and fallen in public more times than I can possibly count. This includes my worst day ever, the story of which still makes my mom laugh until she cries.

#HonorMyself Monday – Honor Your Dreams

Dreams. We all have ’em.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent a lot of time second-guessing them. You may have put your dreams in a box for one reason or another, either lovingly “for later” or angrily because you didn’t feel as though they could come true.

You may store this box o’ dreams under your bed, where it’s always right there waiting for you. Or maybe it’s on the tippy top shelf of your closet behind a bunch of junk. Better to not remind yourself of what could have been “if only”.

#HonorMyself Monday – Fat Haters Can Hate

Let’s talk about fat hate, especially the stuff going on last week.

First it was the hoopla over Chris Christie’s girth, which has been a running gag since he first hit the public eye but seemed to reach a fever pitch last week, between his appearance on Letterman (God bless his donut eating heart) and the comments made by that former White House doctor which resulted in a characteristic smackdown.

#HonorMyself Monday – Living Intentionally

We all live. But how many of us are living intentionally?

Let’s get real.

How much of our days are spent moving mindlessly from one activity to another? Multitasking, which basically means doing a bunch of things half-assed and not actually paying full attention to anything?

Meanwhile, how many times do you find yourself saying “I’d love to do that…if I had the time”?

#HonorMyself Monday: I Need Help

I need help.
Those three words. So easy to say, so difficult to muster the courage to whisper.

Is it just me? Am I the only person who feels as though I need to handle everything on my own?
It can’t be. Or else there wouldn’t be so many women (and men) who complain of feeling overwhelmed, overworked, overextended.

#HonorMyself Monday: Because We’re Worth It

Jackie’s comment from last Monday had me laughing at myself:

Today… I went to the gym and then finally splurged and bought myself the “good” shampoo & conditioner.

This was SO me for the longest time. Years and years. I would buy the 99 cent shampoo and conditioner as a rule (ask my husband, he’ll confirm this).

Change is Hard

Change…real, lasting change…is hard. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

Are you the type of person who gets all revved up and excited about making a change, only to fizzle out shortly thereafter? And then you wonder why things didn’t work out this time…just like last time?

Yeah. Me too.

Choosing to #HonorMyself

It’s the middle of January. Do you know where your resolutions are?

You may be saying I don’t make resolutions in a smug, over-it tone of voice. If this sounds like you, congratulations.
And you’re most likely right not to do so. After all, resolutions are made to be broken, so it’s a waste of time to pretend this is the year it’s all gonna come together.

However, maybe you’re an optimist like me. Maybe a new year feels more like a chance for a whole new life than like an opportunity to buy a new calendar.

When I’m 33

When I’m 33, I’ll make better choices.

I’ll be kinder to myself.

I’ll forgive myself easily and let go of things more quickly.

I’ll indulge more in that which brings me joy.

When I’m 33, it’ll be okay to be me.