Popcorn Chicken, or, Boneless Buffalo Wings

One day, many moons ago, I was experimenting in the kitchen.

I admit, sometimes this doesn’t go well. Like the time I tried to make cream of potato soup by boiling the potatoes in the milk. Shudder. I didn’t always know a whole lot about cooking.

Just How Should I Use Social Media?

Let it be known here and now: I love social media long time. And I love what it does for my blogging as well. If anyone is still on the fence about joining Twitter – get off the fence and get a Twitter account. Seriously. It’s worth it.

Social media is awesome indeed.

However, I’m pretty sure I sorta suck at it.

Happy Friday!

Hello, Company Girls and other friends! In this my neck of the woods we’re gearing up for SNOW. Granted, not as much snow as the areas to our south, but snow nonetheless. As I type this I’m hoping to be able to cut out of here early – it seems like many people are already… Read more »

Weight Loss Journal, Day 12: Weigh-In Wednesday

Last week’s weight: 258 lbs Today’s weight: 257 lbs Well, it’s not the huge weight loss I’m used to seeing at the beginning of a new diet (when I was on Weight Watchers I lost 7 or 8 lbs the first week). But it’s a loss! And a sustainable one. Let’s look at the factors… Read more »

Weight Loss Journal, Day 10

Sigh. I feel like such a sloth right now. I hurt my back over the weekend and I’ve been on the couch for two days.  Sometimes I’ll feel okay for a little while and forget…and then I’ll move a certain way and OWWWW! On to my latest weight loss-related exercise. One very important point that… Read more »

Weight Loss Journal, Day 7

It’s so clear that I have the toughest time with eating when I’m completely bored.  Today at work I barely even managed to eat my lunch (and not even the entire thing), whereas yesterday and the day before I was nearly dying of starvation and couldn’t stop thinking about food.  I actually didn’t even remember… Read more »

A Loose Woman

I’m putting my foot down. On what, you ask? On my chronic book purchasing. First it was just your normal bookstore obsession. Then I became obsessed with buying uber-cheap books from the thrift shop. Then the thrift shop moved to a bigger location which is not anywhere near the train station, which was the only… Read more »

Weight Loss Journal, Day 6

I had an interesting conversation with Rob tonight over dinner. After stopping by to visit his dad in the rehab center, we went to the Melrose Diner in South Philly. Can I just take a moment here to wax rhapsodical about the Melrose Diner? It’s just…aahhhhhhhhhh. That sigh right there? The sigh of a contented… Read more »

Weight Loss Journal, Day 5 – Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, the time has come. You asked for it. Okay. I know you didn’t actually ask for it. You’re far too tactful and for that, I thank you. But here it is anyway. The magic number. The number many people use to evaluate themselves. My weight. Current weight as of this morning: 258 lbs. Whew,… Read more »

Weight Loss Journal, Day 4

Tomorrow is the big day. The day I bare it all (figuratively – you’re not gonna be seeing anything that only my husband should be seeing). At first I thought it would be no big deal to reveal my weight like this. So rarely are women comfortable with that number, even if it’s an extremely… Read more »