Honor Yourself

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I’m so glad you’re here.

Let me tell you a little bit about why I started the Honor Yourself movement, and what it means to me.


I come from a past full of pain, as so many people do. I was bullied mercilessly throughout my grade school years, leaving me with zero self-esteem to get me through high school or the rest of life.

I had so many dreams but lacked the guts to see them through.

I was afraid to say “I AM”, loud and clear, for the world to hear.

I made up for this by eating compulsively, a habit I kept up well into my late 20’s. Food was the one thing I could give myself. I may not have had the courage to live the rich, full, exciting, juicy life I dreamed of – but by God, I could eat. I ate my way to 280 lbs, in fact.

Food was what I looked forward to. It was the secret lover I ran home to.


Of course it wasn’t all about the food. It was about how I saw myself, the lack of respect I had for me. Not only was I an obese loser as I saw it, I didn’t have the guts to do anything about it. I knew I was letting my talents and my love go to waste. So it all went to my waist, instead.


Something changed, though. In the past few years I’ve studied the teachings of many wise teachers. I read and I watched videos and I read some more and I listened to audio recordings. I took notes, I journaled through it. I had more “A-HA!” moments than I care to recall. And I kept coming back to the same important point:


It’s all about whether I choose to honor myself.


When I honor myself, I make the most solid choices for my overall well-being. 

I eat well in order to fuel myself, so I can perform at my peak.

I move my body.

I rest when I need to.

I pursue my dreams, passions, aspirations.

I treat myself from time to time.

I spend time doing that which brings me joy.

And I can’t tell you how my entire life has changed. Well, I could…but you’d be here for a while.

Am I always perfect at this? Nope. It takes time to undo 30 years of thinking a certain way. But I’m getting there, day by day.


I know I’m not perfect in this moment, but that doesn’t stop me from honoring myself as I am. Right now. 


And I want everyone else to do the same. Honor yourself, and everything else falls into place.


Does my story sound anything like yours? Maybe. Or maybe you’re just overburdened, overextended, overwhelmed, and all the while knowing there has to be something more than this. Well, there is.

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Think of me as that


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