Change is Hard

Change…real, lasting change…is hard. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

Are you the type of person who gets all revved up and excited about making a change, only to fizzle out shortly thereafter? And then you wonder why things didn’t work out this time…just like last time?

Yeah. Me too.

Choosing to #HonorMyself

It’s the middle of January. Do you know where your resolutions are?

You may be saying I don’t make resolutions in a smug, over-it tone of voice. If this sounds like you, congratulations.
And you’re most likely right not to do so. After all, resolutions are made to be broken, so it’s a waste of time to pretend this is the year it’s all gonna come together.

However, maybe you’re an optimist like me. Maybe a new year feels more like a chance for a whole new life than like an opportunity to buy a new calendar.

Balance Thrown Overboard

Gather ’round the campfire, kiddies, and let me tell you a tale. It’s a scary one, so hold on to your hats and maybe even visit the bathroom real quick.

I wouldn’t want you to have a fear-based accident. Seriously. This is scary stuff I plan to share with you.

When I’m 33

When I’m 33, I’ll make better choices.

I’ll be kinder to myself.

I’ll forgive myself easily and let go of things more quickly.

I’ll indulge more in that which brings me joy.

When I’m 33, it’ll be okay to be me.

Sometimes I Don’t Wanna

Image via Creative Commons Sometimes I don’t wanna be the bigger person. I don’t wanna play nice. I don’t wanna be polite. I don’t wanna be good. I’m not suffering fools too well lately. I feel like my patience is wearing thin in a lot of areas, worn smooth like rocks after the ocean’s onslaught…. Read more »

Hi, Hospital! I’m Back!

Well here’s a new one from me! A vlog!

I’ve never vlogged before, and it shows. You may want to up the volume since I wasn’t trying to attract attention from the nurses.

I was admitted to the hospital once again yesterday morning. And I’m sick of being here. And sick of being sick.

So here are some thoughts on that.

Who Do You Write For?

An open letter to all of my blogging and writing friends out there…   Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons   Who do you write for? The great question. ¬†One which every blogger asks him/herself from time to time, I’m sure. If you’re fortunate enough to have an audience who loves your voice enough that it… Read more »

50 Pounds Down…and I’m Scared

I sortakinda made it a point on Twitter to mention that I’ve lost 50 pounds.

I’ve been doing a lot of work, most intensively over the past six months, on compulsive eating. My issues surrounding food. How the ego plays such a huge part in the whole mess of addiction, the stories the ego feeds us which keep us in the same old patterns of victimization.

I know my issues. I’m working through them. And writing through them. 30k words and counting.


I bought myself flowers today.

Just because.

Because they’re pretty and I could use a little prettiness at my desk.

Because I’m feeling good today and want to commemorate.

Let’s Catch Up!

Hello, my friends. It’s been too long!

I wish I could say I have a million exciting and interesting things to tell you, but right now I’m feeling kinda low. But I’m still working, and writing, and trying to keep the positive and grateful mindset which I was working so hard to cultivate.