Attitude of Gratitude

What are you grateful for? Take a second and think about it.  Really think.  Your family and their health probably come first, right? Then your home and your job, whatever that job may be (even if it sucks).  Right? But then what? Some days it may take a little more thought.  You know the type…. Read more »

The Feary of Evolution*

There is so much going on in my head and my heart right now, friends. So many new ideas, discoveries, messages. I’ve been having “Duh!” moments left and right, and not for my normal goofed-up reasons. Now it’s because so much of life is becoming clearer, every day.

And I want to share it with you. But I don’t. Because I’m afraid to.

You May Have Noticed…

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately, either here or on your blogs.

I’m sorry, I really am. It’s not that I don’t love you (I do!) or that I don’t care what’s going on with you (I super do!). I’d love to be out there, giving you support or laughing at your hilariousness. I really would.

I even have a few posts in draft form and just need to actually, ya know, post them.

So where have I been?

Elimination Diets and Me

This was a mega-breakthrough. Maybe carbs really were the devil, at least for me. They sapped me of my life force, especially when eaten in large amounts (and, let’s face it, I rarely eat carbs in moderation. I won’t lie).

Cooking on GAPS

Newsflash: I haven’t posted a recipe (or anything else) on here in a while. Yes. I know.

This is mainly because I’ve been spending time experimenting with a new method of cooking. And because, well, I haven’t exactly been walking on the wild side with my diet, thanks to GAPS.

Cleaning Things Up

When we moved here two years ago, the back yard was a total disaster. One thing which really irked me to no end was carpet of dead needles which covered the perimeter of the yard. Yeah, the trees are pretty and blah blah blah…but they’re such a pain. They cover the ground with needles and pine cones and kill the grass.

Starting The GAPS Diet

Friends, I’m on the verge of a major journey.

I’ve spoken before about my illness and the steps I need to take in order to function better and, if possible, heal.

Only problem is, UC is an autoimmune disease, and there’s no coming back from that. Masking the symptoms and striving for remission through drugs and other methods is the only way to go.

Well guess what? That’s not good enough for me.

Boeuf Bourguignon

This recipe deserves another post. In fact it deserves songs written about it and a book deal which can be turned into a movie or at least a miniseries in which it is the star. I can’t even quite describe what a big fat deal this dish is. It’s just unlike any other stew I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten my fair share.

How Much Is Enough?

As bloggers, there’s one thing we have in common.

And it’s not a lack of quality sleep when reading “just one more post” turns into three hours of getting lost in our readers. Though that’s been known to happen, I’m sure.

We all want more. Or at least, we wish for it.

Butter Dip Biscuits

Somewhere, angels are weeping because they’re jealous over not being able to eat these little pillows of buttery goodness. I’m serious. I can hear them.