Back that up!

It started innocently enough, back when I first was reassigned to my old stomping grounds. Data processing. The department I was first hired into in February 2004. This past January I was thrown back into the thick of it, having been away for around 2 1/2 years. Needless to say, some things had changed. I’d… Read more »


Trying to start day 1 of making changes in your life is not so easy when you barely slept the night before. Just sayin’…

Time to change

I have a lot on my mind tonight. I always become very pensive and introspective on Sunday nights, it seems. Sunday night means that Monday morning is fast approaching. Monday morning means the prospect of another week of work. Another week of work means another week of doing something I really don’t particularly love doing… Read more »

Feelin’ Grand

Remember how, months ago, I said we were going to Disney and staying at the Wilderness Lodge? No longer. Now we’re staying…HERE! The Grand Floridian!!!! It’s only a dream of mine to stay there. And it’s club level which means concierge service! Let’s call it a 30th birthday upgrade… 48 days! I’m so excited!!!!

Worry wart

Sometimes it’s just not easy trying to remain positive. Every day it seems like more crap is just falling from the sky. I know things could be much, much worse – I live in a comfortable apartment with my wonderful husband, we don’t live beyond our means, but we live a good life. I have… Read more »


(We’re staying here!!!) I’m obsessed with this Disney trip that’s coming up. It’s like Honeymoon, Part Deux. It’s the opportunity to see/do everything we didn’t get to see/do or didn’t get to see/do enough times. For instance, Toy Story Mania. (He talks, btw.) Oh, Toy Story Mania. The only attraction that made us wait in… Read more »

Wow! It’s a Sham!

It’s funny how life works sometimes. Sometimes the path ahead of us is clear. We see what we want and we go for it. Other times we see what we want and don’t have the courage or the ability to go for it and instead it comes to us somehow. And then sometimes we don’t… Read more »

Tired of…

You know what? I’m tired of being afraid to live life. I’m tired of being worried about what the future might bring in the light of this yucky economic situation. I’m tired of putting things off indefinitely, always assuming that there’s plenty of time…after I take this nap or watch this show or finish this… Read more »


We’re going to Disney World! May 31 – June 4th! So excited! More later…

ShamWOW!, Part I

Today I had more fun before 12:00 than I’ve probably ever had before 12:00. And that includes the late-night ghost-hunting trip to Gettysburg which counts because it all happened between midnight and noon the next day. And despite what any naysayers may naysay, it WAS scary. Anyway, the purpose of this post: I purchased a… Read more »