Boeuf Bourguignon

This recipe deserves another post. In fact it deserves songs written about it and a book deal which can be turned into a movie or at least a miniseries in which it is the star. I can’t even quite describe what a big fat deal this dish is. It’s just unlike any other stew I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten my fair share.

Creamy Chicken Bacon Chowder

Friends, it’s not often that I eat something so good, I’m compelled to blog about it while the taste still lingers on my tongue and bits of it still linger on my clothing.

Spaghetti Carbonara

Tomorrow, I’ll be telling you all about how I jogged for the first time on Saturday.

Today, I’ll be telling you about the reason why I felt it necessary to jog on Saturday.

It was a very delicious reason. Something I’ve been wanting to make for a very long time, but especially in the last several months.

Bacon Braised Chicken

Sometimes I feel the urge.

The urge to eat chicken.

And not always fried and smothered in buffalo sauce, or shredded…and smothered in buffalo sauce.

I think I need to look into my buffalo sauce addiction.

Bacon Braised Cabbage

Here it is, beautiful readers – yet another St. Patrick’s Day recipe! This time around it’s a bit more, well, cliche than beef stew.

There’s no way I could get away with making corned beef in this house. I would be the only person eating it. So instead I stuck with cabbage, which I know I can eat on my own over the course of a week.